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Coming soon and available world-wide from, an company... an inspiring true-life story of an American Adventurer!

Christ was his life…the Bible his lifeline. Come experience the life of a remarkable spiritual warrior, Doug Cozart, as written by his devoted wife, Linda. Troubleshooter, missionary and family man, Doug Cozart lived in some of the most exotic and deadly locales on earth. From war-torn Korea to the quagmire that was Vietnam, he often slept with a gun under his pillow and one eye open for danger. But war wasn’t all artillery and enemy fire, because Cozart was more than a soldier---he was a soldier of God, and at the request of Four-Star General, Sun Yup Paik, he preached to nearly every man in the Korean Army.

And since every adventure deserves a love story, there’s one here, too. And what a love story it is! You’ll follow Doug as he marries Linda, a former tennis champ and the love of his life, and you’ll witness the difficulties and perils of doing missionary work and raising an American family on foreign soil, especially during the first Tet Offensive in Saigon where they are caught in the crossfire! And you’ll see how their love story was so unique, they even told about it on California Television.
A heartfelt and exciting story of a true adventurer who spanned the globe and challenged himself to fulfill God’s purpose on earth by doing whatever God wanted of him, wherever he was wanted, and whenever he was called. The World Was His Parish is a stunning testament to the way God can work through an ordinary man, with a humble background, in extraordinary ways.

About the Author

Linda Mitchell Cozart is a former tennis champ who has won titles in California, Oregon, the National Junior Doubles in Philadelphia and the Triple Crown in Hong Kong. A secretary, she moved to Hong Kong in 1956 to work for David Morken, missionary-evangelist, and then married Doug Cozart, the light of her life, serving with him in Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. Linda now lives in Cartersville, Georgia, near her children and grandchildren.

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Blogger Daniel said...


The girls are excited about the upcoming release of the book! Madison said she's going to buy one and read it!


Your #1 son

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Blogger Jacob said...

I am helping Vietnamese church leaders identify folks involved in ministry to Vietnam. Doug Cozart was an important person in that history. They celebrate 100 years 2011. I would like to connect with you about this. you can reach me at this email address.
David Fitzstevens

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